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Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest to rename CaRP Evolution. I got a lot of great suggestions. Last night, I picked my five favorites, added an idea of my own to the list, and painstakingly eliminated them one by one to arrive at the winner.

The final names that I was considering...
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I just finished up a new product today. It's based partly on some code I've been using for years to give me real-time info on where I'm getting the most clicks from over the lat 24 hours, and partly on some code I wrote a week or two ago to display a special message to...
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What makes a great case study (ie. one that's likely to get your website featured here)? Here are a few tips. You certainly don't have to follow them all, but they'll give you an idea of what I'm looking for.

1) A great case study reveals a solution to a common problem: how to improve...
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I'm starting a new segment on this blog today called "CaRP In The Wild" where I'll spotlight noteworthy uses of CaRP. First up is Shawn Collins' website for his Affiliate Summit conference. It's a semi-annual event (once in the west and once in the east) that pulls in thousands of participants (you can see the...
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A few days ago, I floated the idea on Twitter of renaming my flagship product, CaRP Evolution. I came up with the name "CaRP" years ago when I was still giving an early version away and hadn't even considered turning it into a commercial product (ie. when it didn't really matter whether it was a...
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On the 26th and 27th, I released two new plugins for CaRP Evolution (both of which you get free with your purchase). As I was adding them to the ever-growing list of plugins, a new phrase came to mind: "The Swiss Army Knife of RSS Scripts".

As recently as March, CaRP Evolution version 3 had...
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I'll admit it, Affiliate Afterburner's default theme leaves something to be desired. That's why I'm working on a set of bonus themes, the first of which I unveiled today. The Affiliate Afterburner example site now uses the "Icy" theme.

The new theme features a "cool" (ha ha) split-level header design whose elements and colors are...
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I rolled out a new product last weekend, with a special deal for the first 250 buyers. Affiliate Afterburner is an affiliate niche content site builder similar to Store Stacker and BANS. It supports the affiliate programs from Amazon, eBay, Shopping.com and All Posters.com, as well as AdSense. It also enables display of YouTube videos,...
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I've just finished creating a sister site for Chordata (my RSS and Atom feed directory) named PodStack. It's a podcast directory with a useful little twist -- if you create an account, you can subscribe to podcasts and listen to them all on one page with the latest episodes always showing up at the top....
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For the past few years, I've been posting updates about the Gecko Tribe business on my personal blog. Starting today, those posts will go here. I'll also use this blog for topics related to Gecko Tribe products, like RSS and Atom, which I used to post on Alpha Gecko.

For more general internet marketing topic...
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