The typical link exchange is like a caveman's mating ritual: bash Google over the head with a club and ask for a kiss.

Free-for-all links pages used to be a viable SEO tool until the search engines realized that they're about as useful for discovering quality content as a whack on the head with a club. Over the years, the Googlesaurus (a search engine that fed heavily on PageRank) evolved into the Supergooglesaurus (a creature that recognizes and discounts the links on typical link exchange pages).

To tame the Supergooglesaurus, link exchanges need to evolve too.

Today, I launched a new kind of link exchange system that uses RSS feeds to exchange links and content between sites. The content and links are displayed not on some awful links page, but on content pages with the same theme as the feeds' content. This makes the link exchanges more valuable both because the links will appear within the context of related content, and because members of the exchange will select their link partners more carefully.

For more details and to join (for free), go to