Yes, I just released Lobster/SEO Content Factory 2.4 yesterday, and officially announced it today. And yes, a few bugs were already found that needed to be fixed quickly. So version 2.4.1 is now ready for download.

This revision includes the following changes:

  • Re-enables you to create or move folders at the top level, rather than only inside another folder (got broken in version 2.4).
  • Cleans up properly when a folder is deleted (got broken in version 2.4).
  • Improved prevention of looping folder structures (previous versions prevented you from moving a folder into itself, but not into its descendants).
  • The folder drop down list is now updated immediately after new folders are created or folders are renamed or moved.
  • Some minor issues that may have caused warnings to be displayed were fixed.

To upgrade from version 2.4, if you've already installed it, upload conf.php and feed-list.php, overwriting the old files. No database update is needed. To upload from an older version, follow the instructions for version 2.4.