Lobster/SEO Content Factory 2.1.2 is ready for download. If you tried to install it before, but couldn't get it working, a bug fix and a few additions to the installation instructions in the README file may help.

Before I describe the changes in this revision, let me update you on what SEO Content Factory has done my blogging. I used to blog an average of two times per month. I wanted to post more often, but coming up with ideas to blog about, and getting them posted was just too cumbersome, so it didn't get done.

Since I started using SEO Content Factory on September 14, I've posted to my White Hat Crew blog every single weekday but one. It does still take some time and effort -- I'm not trying to claim otherwise -- but that never would have happened without SEO Content Factory.

I've also started recording a podcast version of each blog post, which is much easier than expected -- even easier than writing the post.

If you've been wanting to post more often or start podcasting, here's the exact set of tools and process that I use to do it.

Back to the version 2.1.2 update -- changes in this revision are:

  • Fixes a bug that could prevent feed items from being loaded if you specified a database table name prefix.
  • Fixes a bug that caused the URL where a post was published using the Atom Publishing Protocol or Posterous plugin to be hidden when publishing multiple times from the same feed item without reloading the item.
  • The "un-flagged" and "read" icons now appear grayed out rather than invisible, making it easier to click the right place to click them.
  • The background color of the headlines was updated to ensure that the grayed-out style icons are visible.
  • Instructions were added to the README to help resolve bogus "file not found" errors that some servers displayed when the Lobster folder was password protected.
  • Instructions were added to the README to help ensure that CaRP is properly configured when using MySQL caching.

To upgrade from the previous version:

  1. Go to the download page.
  2. In the "SEO Content Factory" section, if you see "Lobster (with plugins)", download it. It contains all of the updated files. Otherwise, download "Lobster (no plugins)" from the "SEO Content Factory/Individual Parts" section, and the "Atom Publishing Protocol" and "Posterous" plugins, if you purchased them.
  3. Upload the following files, overwriting the old files:
    • In the lobster folder:
      • lobster.js
      • poll.php
      • styles.css
      • title.php
    • In the "img" folder:
      • flag-off.gif
      • read-off.gif
    • In their respective "publishing-plugins" folders:
      • atom.js
      • posterous.js
  4. When the files have been uploaded, first, force your browser to reload the top frame. This will force reload of the stylesheet and JavaScript files. Then reload the entire page to ensure that all frames are using the updated files.