Version 2.0 of Lobster is available for download now at Gecko Tribe Customer Privileges (all buyers of CaRP Evolution version 4 or the RSS Super Pack have access). This version adds a major new feature: blogging directly from your RSS feed reader!

If that doesn't sound like a big deal to you, I've got a free eBook for you to read. You'll find a download link for "How to Build & Operate an SEO Content Factory" on my new SEO Content Factory website (no opt-in required). I think it'll help you catch the vision of what you could do with Lobster 2.0.

Lobster 2.0 adds a new plugin architecture that can be used to add features without modifying the application. Blogging support was added using an "Atom Publishing Protocol" plugin (so it'll work with any blog that supports the protocol -- WordPress, Movable Type, etc.).

A few existing features were also moved to plugins (tweeting and URL shortening).