Lobster version 2.0.3 is ready for download. This revision fixes a bug that prevented old items from being purged from the database, and adds a few features.

The first is a "URL unshortener" plugin. Lots of the links you'll find in the feeds you're blogging and tweeting about are redirects of some sort. Some go through URL shortening services like TinyURL and bit.ly. Others are click trackers like those in FeedBurner feeds. Still others are affiliate links.

The Unshortener plugin checks the URLs, and replaces any that are redirected with the final destination URL. All URLs in the content you're editing are unshortened with a single click.

The blogging (Atom Publishing Protocol) plugin got two new features:

  1. It's now integrated with the URL shortening (and the new unshortening) plugins, just like the Twitter plugin was.
  2. When you click the icon to display the blog post editing form, the headlines frame shrinks to make more room for editing. When you click the icon again to close the form, the headlines frame is restored to its former size.

The blogging plugin also had a minor bug fixed that caused error messages to be displayed for some users (the error didn't actually cause any malfunctions).

To upgrade from version 2.0.2:

  1. Upload these files overwriting the old versions:
    • conf.php
    • content.php
    • index.php
    • poll.php
    • title.php
    • atom.js
    • atom.php
  2. Upload the "unshorten" folder info the "url-shortener-plugins" folder (with unshorten.php inside it).
  3. Force your browser to reload Lobster (you MAY need to load and force-reload atom.js separately).
  4. If you wish to use the unshortener plugin, click the URL shortener configuration icon in Lobster's title bar and follow the instructions shown.

To upgrade from version 2.0 or 2.0.1, upload all the files, overwriting the old ones, force refresh, and configure the new plugin.