I've been using Lobster's new blogging tool for a week now, and the results are looking good. Just as the Twitter tool increased my tweeting output, the blogging tool has made it easier for me to keep adding fresh, original content to my blog.

I've noticed that on days when I post, the traffic to my site is more than double what it normally is. Plus, there's been a similar increase in new subscribers to my mailing list.

I'll be honest, I've also lost subscribers from my mailing list. Here's why I'm not worried -- the people who are unsubscribing are:

  • Those whose email addresses have changed -- when I post to my blog, the new post is automatically emailed to them, it bounces, and after a few bounces, AWeber removes them from my list.
  • Those who weren't listening anyway -- they'd stayed on my list before because they didn't hear from me often enough to decide to unsubscribe.

By contrast, who are the new subscribers? They're people who read my latest blog posts and wanted to receive more by email -- they're people who are listening.

I used to post to my White Hat Crew blog an average of about twice a month -- pretty pathetic. Last week, blogging through Lobster, I had to schedule posts for the future to avoid overdoing it. Once-a-day was pretty easy.

Anyway, I mentioned in this post's title that Lobster 2.0.2 is ready for download (for buyers of CaRP Evolution 4, the RSS Super Pack, or SEO Content Factory). Changes include:

  • The addition of "preview" to the blogging plugin so that you can check that your HTML is coded correctly without having to save as a draft and check it in your blog's control panel.
  • Text truncation for creating the default quote in the blogging plugin no longer counts HTML tags toward the total length of the excerpt. When blogging content with lots of HTML at the beginning, you get a more appropriate amount of text.
  • Added ordered and unordered lists to the default set of HTML tags that are preserved when reading items in Lobster.
  • Fixed a bug in the code for closing open HTML tags when creating the default quote for the blogging plugin.
  • New and improved error messages for when certain things aren't configured correctly.
  • A few other minor tweaks.

To upgrade from version 2.0.1, just upload the new files, overwriting the old ones, and you should be ready to go. If you're upgrading from version 2.0, you'll want to rerun the setup for any blogs you're using with the Atom Publishing Protocol plugin to make sure you're taking advantages of features added in version 2.0.1.

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Antone Roundy said:
Update: about a month in, and still going strong. I received an email the other day saying that my emails (the "blog broadcasts" that AWeber sends out when I post something new) are about the only emails the reader looks forward to. Don't we all l...
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