If you'd like a "taste test" of Blog Riffer or TriggerNote, you can now download Lite versions of both over at the Gecko Tribe Nexus.

BlogRiffer/Lite is the RSS feed reader portion of Blog Riffer. The plugins have been removed, so it doesn't include the blogging and sharing features.

TriggerNote Lite is an introductory version of TriggerNote. It includes the following features:

  • Triggers
    • Mouse Over
    • Mouse in Polygon
  • Actions
    • Set CSS Class Name
    • Set CSS Style
    • Set Content/Display Alert
  • Selectors
    • All of the Date and Time Selectors
    • Always Select
    • Must Load Selector Group
  • The WordPress Plugin

At the moment, it doesn't include any Recipes, though we'll probably add some later. It also does not include split testing and Google Analytics support, both of which require the full version.