LinContEx Remote, a script that enables automatic synchronization of your LinContEx link exchange settings and automatic exchange page setup in WordPress blogs, has been upgraded. Gold members may download the latest version at

Changes in this version include:

  • An updated synchronization system that uses less memory, which prevents exceeding memory limits on sites with lots of pages to synchronize.
  • A smarter system for automatically configuring exchange pages in blogs, which prevents potential duplicate page setup.
  • Slightly simplified configuration in the WordPress plugin.
  • Fixed bugs in the WordPress plugin that prevented some settings from saving properly in some web browsers.

The current version number for LinContEx Remote is 1.1. The version number for LinContEx/WP (the WordPress plugin) is 1.0.3.

To upgrade, simply overwrite the old files with the new ones in both your LinContEx Remote folder and your LinContEx/WP folder.