If you've been feeling like your blog is an island (the isolated kind -- not a tropical island paradise full of tourists), I'd like to help you break out of the isolation. I've just launched a new section of my website, Critical Mass Blogging Teams.

It's a free service that you can use to hook up with kindred bloggers who are committed to working together to build each others' blogs. Join a team or create your own. Team members will:

  • Blog Riff on each others' blog posts regularly (it's a great way to come up with ideas to write about, that took my from twice a month blogger to daily blogger).
  • Comment on each others' blog posts regularly.
  • Share each others' blog posts regularly.
  • Guest post on each others' blogs.

Just to be clear, our Teams are not social media spamming clubs. You're not expected to share anything that doesn't meet your standards. If you're on a team that doesn't measure up, just leave it and join or create a better one.

Also, you don't have to share everything everyone in the group posts (though I hope you'll find a team that you choose to share from often).

The point is to get into a group that you resonate well with, where you'll naturally find things worth sharing, commenting on, and responding to on your own blog. By making a conscious commitment to the group (and getting the same from other members), you'll move beyond the kinds of loose, unspoken connections that you probably already have with a few other bloggers, to a deliberate system of consistent cooperation.

Critical Mass Blogging Teams is 100% free.

As my brother, Thor, likes to say, nobody builds a skyscraper alone. Nobody builds their blog into a "skyscraper" alone either. If you've been struggling to do that, I hope this helps.