You've been able to download a free copy of CaRP Evolution (our RSS feed to HTML converter script) for a long time by signing up on The Gecko Tribe Nexus (or on the website it recently replaced).

Now, with this offer, you can also get 5 plugins that add extra formatting and other options to CaRP Evolution. The plugins available for free with this offer are:

  • Age Format: emphasize new content by formatting items differently based on how old they are.
  • Expander: display a little content by default, and show more when the visitor hovers over the headline.
  • Flex Format: vary display formatting from item to item (for example, display more content from the first item than the rest, or display items in a table).
  • Hours Ago: Display relative timestamps (eg. "Posted 3 hours ago").
  • Newer Than: Limit display to items newer than a specified age, instead of displaying a specific number of items.

Follow the link above for full details of how to get your free CaRP Evolution plugins.