Grouper Evolution version 1.7.2 is available for download.

This version was created to address changes to YouTube's search API. Earlier versions of CaRP Evolution used a YouTube plugin to embed videos in webpages by loading RSS feeds directly from YouTube. YouTube's API now generates JSON documents instead of RSS feeds, so CaRP is no longer able to access YouTube directly.

This version of Grouper Evolution adds a JSON plugin and a YouTube helper plugin, enabling it to convert YouTube's search API results to RSS for CaRP to display. As with many of Grouper's XML plugins, a helper script is also included to make using the new plugins easier.

In addition to the new plugins, Grouper was updated to support HTTPS URLs, such as those required to access the YouTube API.

Upgrading from Grouper 1.7.1

  • Upload grouper.php and grouperinc.php, overwriting the old files.
  • Upload json.php and json-youtube.php to Grouper's plugins folder.
  • Follow the instructions on the new YouTube plugin's page to configure and upload youtube2rss.php.

Fixing CaRP Evolution

No changes are needed to CaRP Evolution to work with the new Grouper plugins. However, the URL that is given to CaRP will need to be updated to point to Grouper's new helper script instead of pointing directly to YouTube or Google's API server.

Follow the link in the upgrade instructions above for information about how to edit the URLs.