I've got a few nice uses of CaRP Evolution to show you today. (If you'd like me to link to a page where you're using or writing about a Gecko Tribe product, submit your link here.)

Rodrigo Fernandez uses CaRP to display the latest news about Costa Rica on his Costa Rica Photos site.

Corwyn uses CaRP to list eBay auctions for Xbox, PlayStation & Nintendo products with affiliate links to each auction.

Victor Hayes explains how he uses CaRP's ReplaceText plugin to make the links from an affiliate feed less obvious on his Thai news site.

Jim Burney threw in a bit of a non sequitur at the bottom of this article about article marketing -- he's using CaRP to display a feed...but it's a science feed. A feed with more connection to the article might make more sense, but hey, at least it looks good!

Burt uses CaRP to fill a local news page on the website for a Bournemouth airport bed & breakfast. Lots of the news stories include photos -- currently many containing airplanes, since they have an air festival coming up.

Once again, here's where to submit your link to be featured in a future post. If you can show us the source code you used to configure CaRP (or whichever of our products you're using), that'd be appreciated.