Critical Mass Blogging Teams are teams of like-minded bloggers who promote each others' blogs by sharing each others' posts via social media and "Riffing" on them periodically. It's free to participate.

It just got easier to keep up on what your team members are posting. This morning, each team got an RSS feed that's generated by aggregating content from the members' blogs. Subscribe to one feed, and you'll be able to keep up on all the relevant blogs in the team, even when new members are added.

Since team members may have some blogs that aren't relevant to every group they're in, blogs are included in the team feed automatically. If you're a team administrator, you'll need to check a checkbox for each blog to include it in the feed. Please include all that are on-topic for the team.

To join, add your blogs, or (for admins) approve blogs for inclusion in your team's feed, visit the Critical Mass Blogging Teams homepage.