The Critical Mass Blogging Teams section of our website is evolving. Last night, I added the ability to post comments on each team's page using Facebook's comments plugin.

While each team member is asked to include a contact method in their profile, till now, there hasn't been a way for teams to do mass communication, which has limited the ability to create a sense of community. The comments section should help with that, as well as with coordinating group efforts.

More and more, I see the need for bloggers and internet marketers who've been struggling in isolation to join groups who cooperate to strengthen each others' online presences. And even those who aren't struggling will benefit from the added strength and reach they'll get by joining a tribe.

If you have a blog, and you'd like more Tweets, shares, comments, and links, I encourage you to join one of our blogging teams, or create one yourself. It's 100% free.

Once you've joined, take action -- post something new to your blog so that the other members of your team will have something new to share. Support your team by doing some sharing and commenting yourself. Do some Blog Riffing.

The rising tide will lift all our boats.