A few days ago, I floated the idea on Twitter of renaming my flagship product, CaRP Evolution. I came up with the name "CaRP" years ago when I was still giving an early version away and hadn't even considered turning it into a commercial product (ie. when it didn't really matter whether it was a good name).

"CaRP" stands for "Caching RSS Parser". Now I want a name that not only is descriptive without knowing what it's an acronym for, but which emphasizes the benefits that matter to users more.

After I posted the idea on Twitter, Jewels999GreatE sent a great response -- hold a contest to rename CaRP! So that's what I'm going to do. Here are the rules:

  • Entries must be posted on Twitter as replies to AntoneRoundy (ie. start your tweet with @AntoneRoundy). To prevent unscrupulous individuals from snatching up the domain name for your suggestion, instead of posting it in your tweet, click here to submit it. The form on that page will give you a unique link to paste into the body of your tweet -- this is how you'll be identified as the person who made the suggestion. Your tweet can contain whatever else you want.
  • No more than 1 suggestion per person per week, with each week beginning at 1:00am GMT on Sundays. If the best suggestion violates this rule, the prize will be awarded to the next best suggestion, so make your suggestions count! (I'll be keeping track of suggestions as they're posted, so don't try deleting old tweets if you come up with a new idea!)
  • If multiple people suggest the same name, the person who suggested it first wins.
  • The name can't already be in use by another product!
  • Suggestions must be tweeted by midnight GMT on January 31.
  • The best name will help communicate what CaRP is to someone who's never heard of it and who has at best a vague idea of what an RSS parser or RSS to HTML converter is.
  • I reserve the right to update the rules if an obvious need for another rule arises. Updates (if any) will appear in the comments for this post.

I'll announce the winner sometime during the first week of February.

Reader Comment:
Winners of the Contest to Rename CaRP Evolution » Voice of the Gecko Tribe said:
[...] you to everyone who participated in the contest to rename CaRP Evolution. I got a lot of great suggestions. Last night, I picked my five favorites, added an idea of my own [...]
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Oh, you want to know what the winner gets? Let's make this fun and award three prizes -- 1st place gets their choice of any three of my products, 2nd place gets any two, and 3rd place gets any one! (I may actually use a name that I think of myself, but I'll still award all the prizes).