Now, Affiliate Afterburner/WP can easily monetize your WordPress blog using ClickBank ads, in addition to Amazon, eBay, AllPosters, and AdSense. Affiliate Afterburner/WP version 2.1 is ready for download, with ClickBank support and a few other improvements. We're looking at several other large affiliate networks, and hope to add support for them in free upgrades in the near future.

Here's an example of a "wide skyscraper" ad displayed by Affiliate Afterburner/WP using the following code:


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What's Changed in Version 2.1

In addition to ClickBank support, version 2.1 includes a few tweaks like spelling fixes in the admin interface, and an improved XSL stylesheet for the "Amazon XSL" ad module. I noticed the other day that Amazon's affiliate XML code for Kindle eBooks doesn't specify the Amazon price the same way as they do for other products. The new XSL stylesheet displays the list price for any items not specifying an Amazon price.

The following files have been changed or added since version 2.1:

  • readme-parts
    • configure.html
    • install-affiliates.html
  • affiliate-afterburner-wp/
    • affiliate-afterburner-wp.php
    • grouper/helpers/clickbank2rss.php
    • inc/
      • admin.php
      • default.php
    • programs/clickbank.php
    • stylesheets/Amazon2RSS-2.0-2009-06-01.xsl

Note that Amazon may have cached the old version of Amazon2RSS-2.0-2009-06-01.xsl, so changes may not appear immediately after you've uploaded the new file.

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