I've just added a new helper script to Grouper Evolution that enables it to convert ClickBank affiliate ads to RSS, giving you more control over their formatting. The new version (1.7.1a) is available for download now.

This revision also updates the Amazon and All Posters helper scripts slightly to enable them to display multiple ad blocks on the same page when used with Affiliate Afterburner/WP (Affiliate Afterburner/WP already has the updated files, so you don't need to update it if you have it).

By the way, the introductory discount offer for Affiliate Afterburner/WP is still available for a few more days. I'll be adding ClickBank affiliate ad support to it in a free update, probably on Monday.

How to Upgrade

The following files are new or changed from Grouper Evolution version 1.7.1:

  • helpers
    • all-posters2rss.php
    • amazon2rss.php
    • clickbank2rss.php
  • groupersetupinc.php

Note that there is no ClickBank plugin, because it uses only features that are built into Grouper Evolution.

When updating your helpers files, be sure to copy your configuration settings from the old versions of the files to the new ones.

How to Use the ClickBank Helper Script

To use the ClickBank helper script, first, put your ClickBank ID and the path to your grouper.php into the configuration section of clickbank2rss.php where indicated. Then upload it to your webserver.

Once you've done that, you'll be able to get a ClickBank RSS feed with your affiliate links at a URL like the following (adjust the keywords and URL as needed to load clickbank2rss.php from your website):