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TriggerNote version 1.1 is ready for purchase and download. Changes in this version include:

New Actions for loading Google Analytics, and sending event tracking data.

A Recipe for using Google Analytics to track clicks, which ensure that the tracking data is sent before the link is followed.

The ability to select optional stylesheets. At th...
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TriggerNote version 1.0 is complete and ready for download. Until the countdown timer hits zero in a few hours, you can still get it at the pre-release discount price.

Here are some screenshots showing things you can add to your website using a few new Recipes we just added.

The first is a stripe you...
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Today's video demonstrates how to set up a delayed-display hover subscription form. You've seen these all over the place -- you're reading a webpage, and about 30 seconds after you arrive, a subscription form pops up.

Yes, they can be a little irritating. But they're also very effective for building your email list.

In this...
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If you have seasonal or holiday ads or content on your website, you know how important it is to remember to keep it all up-to-date. You don't want to be promoting Halloween masks at Valentines Day.

This video demonstrates how TriggerNote's Selectors can be used to update date-sensitive content automatically. There are many other things...
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As a visitor travels through your website, you don't necessarily want to show them the same ads on every page. This video shows how to use TriggerNote to display ads or content sequentially on each page and how you might do that to capture interest and increase clicks.

This is just one example of how...
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Many webmasters routinely do something that wastes some of the most valuable space on their sites. This video shows you what it is and how TriggerNote can help you fix it.

If you have outbound links on your website, you know that once a visitor clicks, they may never come back. If you'd like one more chance after they click to put an offer in front of them, then today's TriggerNote demo video might be just what you're looking for.

TriggerNote's Exit Interstitial Recipe gives you...
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Watching the last video, you may have gotten the impression that TriggerNote was hard to use. This video shows how a feature called Recipes makes it easy to set up powerful Trigger Sets to make your website more interactive.

Here's a video I posted last night that will give you a first look at how you can use TriggerNote to add interactive elements to your website.

This is more of an intro to how things work than a particularly useful example. But I think it will give you an idea of what you coul...
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What if your website could do more than just sit there waiting to get clicked? What if it interacted with each unique visitor in just the right way, at just the right time? What if it could guide your visitors' attention and actions right where you want them to go?

I'm putting the finishing touches...
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The company is owned and operated primarily by Antone Roundy.

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