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Version 1.6.3 of TriggerNote is ready for download. Changes in this update include:

Fixed a bug in the Scroll Percent action that prevented correct calculation in some browsers when measuring the scroll position of the entire page (as opposed to the position of a particular element on the page.)

Added some CSS classes for Slide-I...
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Version 1.6.2 of TriggerNote is ready for download. Changes in this update include:

Fixed a bug in the installer script that prevented installation on servers that don't support PHP's older MySQL module.

Fixed a bug that prevented the "Save and Continue Editing" button from continuing editing when first creating a Trigger Set.

Fixed a numbe...
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Version 1.6.1 of TriggerNote, our Website Interaction Engine, is available now for download. Changes in this version include:

Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented TriggerNoteAutoSelect from loading selector sets when using a MySQL connection established by another process.

Added a "Save and Continue Editing" button to the Trigger Set editor.

Added the ability to se...
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If you'd like a "taste test" of Blog Riffer or TriggerNote, you can now download Lite versions of both over at the Gecko Tribe Nexus.

BlogRiffer/Lite is the RSS feed reader portion of Blog Riffer. The plugins have been removed, so it doesn't include the blogging and sharing features.

TriggerNote Lite is an introductory version...
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Version 1.6 of TriggerNote is ready for download. Along with one bug fix, this update adds several new Actions, Triggers and Recipes that can be used for parallax scrolling and other scroll-based animation effects.

Changes include:

Fixed a bug in the In-View Trigger that prevented it from responding to window resize events.

Added a Scroll/Resiz...
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Version 1.5 of our Website Interaction Engine, TriggerNote, is ready for download.

Along with a few bug fixes, this version gives you an additional way to control which TriggerSets are loaded on each page. Changes include:

Added a new Selector option that requires the Selector Group to be explicitly loaded on the page (more o...
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Version 1.4 of TriggerNote is ready for download. This update contains the following enhancements:

Statistical analysis of split test results so that you'll know when you've collected enough data to end a test. Stay tuned for a video where I'll show how common rules of thumb for deciding how long to run a test ca...
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Version 1.3 of our Website Interaction Engine, TriggerNote, is ready for download. Improvements in this update include:

A new Scroll Action, which can check or set the scroll position of an element.

The Stripe (floating bar) Recipe was updated to use the Scroll Action to ensure that the page remains scrolled to the same positio...
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The more I use TriggerNote myself, the more I want it to be able to do. So I upgraded its WordPress component. Plus, I noticed and fixed a few bugs.

Version 1.2.1 is now available, with the following changes:

The WordPress plugin can now load multiple Trigger Sets on the same page, including combinations o...
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Version 1.2 of TriggerNote is ready to go. This update contains the following enhancements.

Added the ability to perform split tests between alternative Selectors (see instructions here).

Added 31 color schemes for use with hover boxes.

Added hover box style options for border width, rounded corners, another close button option, and styling options for button...
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