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I've just uploaded updates to CaRP Evolution and Grouper Evolution to fix compatibility issues with newer versions of PHP. The updated version are available for download now.

To update CaRP Evolution, upload the following files, replacing the old files:
















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Version 1.7.3 of Grouper Evolution is available for download. This version fixes a few issues with PHP 7 compatibility.

To upgrade from version 1.7.2, upload grouper.php, grouperinc.php, xml.php, and xml-atom-0.3.php, overwriting the old files.

Grouper Evolution version 1.7.2 is available for download.

This version was created to address changes to YouTube's search API. Earlier versions of CaRP Evolution used a YouTube plugin to embed videos in webpages by loading RSS feeds directly from YouTube. YouTube's API now generates JSON documents instead of RSS feeds, so CaRP is no longer...
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Affiliate Afterburner/WP v2.1.2b and Grouper Evolution v1.7.1b are available for download. The ClickBank helper code in both has been updated to support changes to ClickBank's ad format.

To upgrade, download and unzip the latest archive from the page linked to above, and upload clickbank2rss.php (in the Grouper helpers folder), overwriting the old file.

I've just added a new helper script to Grouper Evolution that enables it to convert ClickBank affiliate ads to RSS, giving you more control over their formatting. The new version (1.7.1a) is available for download now.

This revision also updates the Amazon and All Posters helper scripts slightly to enable them to display multiple ad...
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Grouper Evolution version 1.7.1 is ready for download. Today's changes are fairly small, but they're preparing the way for big things to come.

First, here's what's changed in today's update:

Added functions for converting data that's stored in a PHP variable rather than always having to load it from a URL (GrouperConvertData), and for storin...
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I rolled out a new product last weekend, with a special deal for the first 250 buyers. Affiliate Afterburner is an affiliate niche content site builder similar to Store Stacker and BANS. It supports the affiliate programs from Amazon, eBay, Shopping.com and All Posters.com, as well as AdSense. It also enables display of YouTube videos,...
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White Hat Crew Gecko Tribe, LLC provides scripts and services for website owners and internet marketers. Most of our products were originally developed to fill our own real-world needs. Our best in-house projects were polished and offered for sale to the public.

The company is owned and operated primarily by Antone Roundy.

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