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CaRP Evolution version 4.1 is ready for download.

This version improves performance in two ways:

By adding support for ETag and Last-Modified HTTP headers. Many webservers will be able to tell CaRP that the feed hasn't changed since CaRP last loaded it, so the content of the feed will be loaded from CaRP's local cach...
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Updates to CaRP Evolution, CaRP/WP, CaRP's MySQL plugin, and Affiliate Afterburner are ready for download here.

Here's what's new and how to update each.

CaRP Evolution 4.0.25

In case you noticed that the last update announced was 4.0.21a, the intervening updates were only released as part of BlogRiffer updates, because they were minor tweaks needed...
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Amazon.com has removed XSL support from their affiliates API, requiring some changes to how CaRP Evolution displays Amazon affiliate feeds. New versions of CaRP/WP, Affiliate Afterburner, and the CaRP Amazon example code are now available.

I've tried to make the transition as painless as possible, but a few adjustments to your code may be needed...
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Amazon recently discontinued support for the affiliate API version that was being used by CaRP's Amazon affiliate example code, CaRP/WP and Affiliate Afterburner. I've released updates to all three. (The only modifications that were required were changing a date string in a few places -- functionality was completely unaffected.)

CaRP's Example Code

You can download...
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CaRP Evolution version 4.0.21a is ready for download, with updates to the Podcast plugin.

First, you can now choose to play podcasts using the HTML5 <audio> tag instead of the Flash-based audio player.

However, right now, even some of the major browsers that support the audio tag don't yet support MP3 audio with the tag....
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CaRP Evolution 4.0.21 and Affiliate Afterburner/WP 2.1.2a are ready for download. The change to Affiliate Afterburner/WP is simply that its copy of CaRP Evolution was updated.

SEO Content Factory will also be updated with a new version of CaRP once I've finished adding some new features to it. In the mean time, you can update...
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CaRP/WP (a free WordPress plugin that works with CaRP) is ready for download.

This revision includes two minor enhancements:

If the path to carp.php that's specified in the administration panel is incorrect, it attempts to find the correct path before reporting an error.

Removal of line breaks and HTML tags inadvertently added to configuration setting...
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Lobster (SEO Content Factory) 2.3 is ready for download. Changes in this version include:

YouTube support:

View YouTube videos inside SEO Content Factory.

Embed YouTube videos in your blog posts.

Includes a tool for easily generating search- and username-based YouTube RSS feed URLs.

NOTE: The YouTube plugin requires CaRP Evolution's YouTube plugin, which is includ...
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CaRP Evolution version 4.0.20 is available for download. This update adds the following enhancements:

A new option for removing invalid characters from feeds to prevent XML parsing errors. This option is disabled by default for performance reasons because most feeds don't need it. If you're seeing XML parsing errors related to invalid characters, see th...
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An updated version of CaRP Evolution's MySQL plugin is available for download to fix a bug that caused some items to be duplicated in the database or marked new after having been read.

Users of Lobster/SEO Content Factory should upgrade CaRP's MySQL plugin. A minor update to Lobster is also available for download, which addresses...
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