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Updates to CaRP Evolution and BlogRiffer are ready for download.

CaRP Evolution version 4.1.8 fixes a few bugs that affected auto-caching in MySQL databases. To update from version 4.1.7, upload the new carp.php and carpinc.php, overwriting the old files.

The BlogRiffer update includes the latest CaRP Evolution and its MySQL and YouTube plugins, plus fixes...
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I've just uploaded updates to CaRP Evolution and Grouper Evolution to fix compatibility issues with newer versions of PHP. The updated version are available for download now.

To update CaRP Evolution, upload the following files, replacing the old files:
















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An update to CaRP Evolution is now available for download. The version of CaRP Evolution included in Blog Riffer has also been updated.

Changes to CaRP Evolution include:

Fixes a bug that sometimes prevented auto cache meta data from updating correctly.

Fixes a bug that prevented detection of timed out connections when caching RSS feeds...
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Two updates are available for download today -- version 2.13.6 of Blog Riffer (RSS Reader + curation + blogging + sharing tool), and version 4.1.4 of CaRP Evolution (RSS to HTML converter).

CaRP Evolution 4.1.4

This is the smaller update, so let's tackle it first. This version contains the following changes:

Fixed a few mino...
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CaRP Evolution version 4.1.3 is ready for download. This update offers the following improvements:

Prevents hanging if a remote server stops transmitting mid-feed.

Updates the Numeric Entities and Item IDs plugins for compatibility with PHP 7.

To upgrade from version 4.1.2, upload the following files, overwriting the old files:






A bug has been fixed in the YouTube plugin for CaRP Evolution. The new version is available for download. Find it under "CaRP Evolution / Individual Parts / Plugins", or in the full "CaRP Evolution 4 (with plugins)" archive.

This update fixes a bug that prevented the "use-https" setting from working. The purpose of this...
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CaRP Evolution (RSS to HTML converter) version 4.1.2 is ready for download.

This update contains a single bug fix to solve an issue that prevented cache files from being updated under some circumstances. Upgrading is strongly recommended for all users in order to speed up your pages if this issue is affecting you.

To upgrade,...
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You've been able to download a free copy of CaRP Evolution (our RSS feed to HTML converter script) for a long time by signing up on The Gecko Tribe Nexus (or on the website it recently replaced).

Now, with this offer, you can also get 5 plugins that add extra formatting and other options to...
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CaRP Evolution version 4.1.1 is ready for download.

This version fixes a bug introduced in version 4.1 that, under some circumstances, prevented cache files from being created.

To upgrade from version 4.0.25 or 4.1, upload carp.php and carpinc.php, overwriting the old files.

Grouper Evolution version 1.7.2 is available for download.

This version was created to address changes to YouTube's search API. Earlier versions of CaRP Evolution used a YouTube plugin to embed videos in webpages by loading RSS feeds directly from YouTube. YouTube's API now generates JSON documents instead of RSS feeds, so CaRP is no longer...
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