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Blog Riffers

Our free Critical-Mass Blogging Teams got several upgrades yesterday, designed to increase activity and interaction between Team members.

Critical-Mass Blogging Teams offer bloggers a way to connect with like-minded bloggers and build relationships that naturally strengthen credibility, drive traffic, and aid content creation. There is no cost for the service.

Yesterdays upgrades included the addition...
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Critical Mass Blogging Teams are teams of like-minded bloggers who promote each others' blogs by sharing each others' posts via social media and "Riffing" on them periodically. It's free to participate.

It just got easier to keep up on what your team members are posting. This morning, each team got an RSS feed that's generated...
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The Critical Mass Blogging Teams section of our website is evolving. Last night, I added the ability to post comments on each team's page using Facebook's comments plugin.

While each team member is asked to include a contact method in their profile, till now, there hasn't been a way for teams to do mass communication,...
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For the next 5 days, you can download a free copy of my new Kindle book, "Riffs on a Purple Cow: a Collection of Articles Inspired by Seth Godin" from Amazon.com. If you don't have a Kindle, get a free Kindle reader app for your computer, tablet, or smartphone here.

If you've read my free...
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If you've been feeling like your blog is an island (the isolated kind -- not a tropical island paradise full of tourists), I'd like to help you break out of the isolation. I've just launched a new section of my website, Critical Mass Blogging Teams.

It's a free service that you can use to hook...
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So, you've resolved to blog 5 times a week this year. Or 3. Or 1. Whatever frequency you've chosen, odds are you'll need something more than just a new years resolution if you're going to succeed.

According to Psychology Today, "The average New Year's resolution is abandoned before the Christmas credit card bills arrive." I've...
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Over at BlogRiffers.com, I just announced the winner of the first Riff-On Blog Riffing contest.

This week, the winner got a free copy of SEO Content Factory. Next week, I'll be giving away an affiliate marketing-related prize. Join the Blog Riffers mailing list to get the details of future contests as soon as they're announced....
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The first BlogRiffers.com "Riff-On" contest has begun. Check out that link for full details.

Key points:

Enter by writing a blog post based on one I selected from Seth Godin's blog, and tweeting a link to it.

You have just under two days to submit your entry.

The winner gets a free copy of SE...
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Last night, I had a fun idea: why not start up a friendly Blog Riffing competition! The idea is still taking shape, but here's what I've got in mind so far:

Source Article Selection

I'll pick an article from somebody's blog for the contestants to Riff on.

Feel free to offer suggestions (submit them throu...
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I just finished posting a new video to YouTube showing how teams of all sizes can work together to do high volume content curation or Blog Riffing using SEO Content Factory. The video shows how to make adjustments as you grow your team to produce more content.

You can watch the video here:

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The company is owned and operated primarily by Antone Roundy.

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