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Blog Riffer

Version 2.11.3 of Blog Riffer is ready for download. This version includes the following improvements:

Sharing buttons are now enabled by default for new subscriptions. (In case you want to use the sharing buttons with an existing subscription, but missed where the option was located, you can enable them by clicking the gear icon nex...
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Version 2.11.2 of Blog Riffer is ready for download. This version includes the following changes:

You can now control the timestamp format in the headline list and content areas. (I like to shorten it in the headline list to make more room for the headline).

Fixed the "subscribe" bookmarklet link. Since version 2.9, when i...
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Another day, another update...or two. Following a few bug reports, I've created another update to Blog Riffer that fixes the following issues:

When attempting to add multiple Tumblr blogs, later blogs my overwrite the configuration for the earlier ones.

After adding a Blogger blog, the name of the blog is not displayed.

After deleting ...
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Blog Riffer version 2.11 is available for purchase and download. Changes in this version include:

You may now turn the feed name, author name, and timestamp columns on and off in the headline list.

When viewing the headlines from a single feed (by clicking the feed name in the headline or folder list), you wil...
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Blog Riffer version 2.10 is available for download (and purchase, if you don't already own it :-). Enhancements in this version include:

Blog Riffer now offers easier password protection setup. Earlier versions required password protection to be set up using external tools (such as cPanel, or editing .htaccess files). This version supports that method, ...
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Blog Riffer version 2.9.3 is ready for download. Issues addressed by in this update include:

Twitter recently turned off support for some of their old API features, requiring an update to the code that Blog Riffer uses to add new Twitter accounts.

When Twitter account credentials are updated, in some cases, duplicate Twitter account dat...
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Blog Riffer version 2.9.2 (formerly known as SEO Content Factory) is ready for download.

Occasionally, when Blog Riffer is updating an RSS feed, the cron job will get stuck and never complete. With this update, on servers that support certain functionality, Blog Riffer will automatically terminate the stuck cron jobs after 10 minutes.

To upgrade...
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If you've been using Blog Riffer (formerly known as SEO Content Factory) to post to Posterous, you should know that Posterous announced today that they'll be shutting down as of April 30.

You'll want to migrate to another platform before then. According to their blog, WordPress and Squarespace offer importers to ease the migration. If...
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With all the changes that went into the upgrade from SEO Content Factory v2.8 to Blog Riffer v2.9, I suppose something was bound to sneak through. So now Blog Riffer version 2.9.1 is ready for download.

This update includes two changes:

Fixes a bug that prevented scheduled tweets from being processed.

If you only hav...
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A new version of SEO Content Factory is ready for download, but you won't find it in the "SEO Content Factory" section anymore, because it's been renamed "Blog Riffer".

Since 2011, when Google's Panda update declared war on content farms, any tool that sounds like it might generate low quality content has lost a bit...
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