An update to CaRP Evolution is now available for download. The version of CaRP Evolution included in Blog Riffer has also been updated.

Changes to CaRP Evolution include:

  • Fixes a bug that sometimes prevented auto cache meta data from updating correctly.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented detection of timed out connections when caching RSS feeds.
  • The Podcast plugin has been updated to use the HTML5 audio element by default instead of the Flash-based audio player.
  • The Processed Data plugin has been updated to ensure that it is properly reset when processing multiple feeds on the same page.

To upgrade CaRP Evolution, upload carp.php, carpinc.php, plugins/podcast.php and plugins/processeddata.php, overwriting the old files.

To upgrade Blog Riffer, upload conf.php, carp/carp.php and carp/carpinc.php, overwriting the old files.