CaRP Evolution version 4.1 is ready for download.

This version improves performance in two ways:

  1. By adding support for ETag and Last-Modified HTTP headers. Many webservers will be able to tell CaRP that the feed hasn't changed since CaRP last loaded it, so the content of the feed will be loaded from CaRP's local cache instead of being downloaded again. In the case of fast servers, this won't make much difference in speed, but will reduce bandwidth usage. For slower servers or large feeds, the improvement can be significant.
  2. By caching permanent redirects. For any feeds that are redirected using permanent (a.k.a. "301") redirects, instead of being loaded directly from the URL that you pass to CaRP, CaRP will remember the final URL and load from it directly instead of checking for the redirect every time.

These features apply only when caching the raw feed using CarpCache, CarpCacheShow, or CarpCacheFilter. (Not when using CarpShow or CarpFilter).

This version of CaRP also adds the ability to set arbitrary HTTP request headers using a new function, CarpRequestHeader.

To upgrade from version 4.0.25, upload carp.php and carpinc.php, overwriting the old files.