CaRP Evolution version 4.0.21a is ready for download, with updates to the Podcast plugin.

First, you can now choose to play podcasts using the HTML5 <audio> tag instead of the Flash-based audio player.

However, right now, even some of the major browsers that support the audio tag don't yet support MP3 audio with the tag. So this feature should only be used where you know visitors are using browsers that support that combination. If some of your visitors don't have HTML5/MP3 support, you may need to configure the plugin differently based on which browser you detect, have different pages for different visitors, or enable visitors to select which audio player they wish to use.

Second, You may now configure the height and width of the Flash-based player.

For information about how to use the new features, see this page.

To upgrade, upload podcast.php to CaRP's plugins folder, overwriting the old file.