CaRP Evolution 4.0.21 and Affiliate Afterburner/WP 2.1.2a are ready for download. The change to Affiliate Afterburner/WP is simply that its copy of CaRP Evolution was updated.

SEO Content Factory will also be updated with a new version of CaRP once I've finished adding some new features to it. In the mean time, you can update SEO Content Factory's copy of CaRP if you wish by downloading the latest CaRP Evolution and upload its copies of carp.php and carpinc.php to SEO Content Factory's "carp" subfolder.

Changes in this version of CaRP are as follows:

  • It behaves a little differently, as follows, if the server it is requesting a feed from reports an error.
    • Once the call to CarpShow, CarpCacheShow, etc., has completed, $carpconf['statuscode'] will contain the HTTP status code returned by the server. (This happens when the feed is fetched successfully too.) If any redirects occurred before the final failure, only the final status code will be saved. If the attempt to fetch the feed failed completely (whether because the connection could not be made, or it didn't return a valid HTTP status line), $carpconf['statuscode'] will be set to -1.
    • If you have CaRP configured to display errors, the error message will contain the value of $carpconf['statuscode'] in square brackets. So, for example, if the error message ends with "[404]", you know that's a 404 error, which means that the feed doesn't exist. If it says "[500]", that indicates that the remote server encountered an internal error, which is generally a temporary condition.
    • When fetching a feed fails, CaRP's cache will not be affected.
  • Initialization of CaRP's redirection loop detection was being done at the wrong point since some earlier revision. This was fixed.

To upgrade, overwrite carp.php and carpinc.php with the new files. To upgrade Affiliate Afterburner/WP, if you wish to have its control panel display the correct version, also upload affiliate-afterburner-wp.php, overwriting the old file.