Blog Riffer version 2.11 is available for purchase and download. Changes in this version include:

  • You may now turn the feed name, author name, and timestamp columns on and off in the headline list.
  • When viewing the headlines from a single feed (by clicking the feed name in the headline or folder list), you will see a "find feed in list" link at the top of the headline list. Clicking it will open the folder containing the feed in the feed list, and highlight the feed, making it easy to find the feed if you want to edit its settings or delete it.
  • The configuration panel has been reorganized, with related settings visually grouped.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to turn display of sharing buttons back on for a feed if you had turned it off.
  • Since Posterous has closed their doors, the Posterous plugin has been removed.

How to Upgrade

To upgrade from version 2.10:

  1. If you have any Posterous blogs configured, go to the Publishing Plugins configuration panel and delete them.
  2. Delete the "posterous" folder from the "publishing-plugins" folder.
  3. Upload the following files, overwriting the old files:
    • conf.php
    • configure.php
    • feed-list.php
    • headlines.php
    • js.php
    • styles.css

To upgrade from an earlier version of Blog Riffer or SEO Content Factory, complete steps 1 and 2 above, and then follow the instructions for upgrading to version 2.10.