Blog Riffer version 2.13.5 is ready for download. This update includes the following improvements:

  • Updates the Twitter plugin to support the new 280 character limit.
  • Includes the latest version of CaRP Evolution, which prevents hanging when a server stops transmitting mid-feed.
  • Fixes a bug in the background polling code that prevented the termination of hung processes. Due to the update to CaRP Evolution, this code may no longer be necessary, but may still be useful to terminating extremely slow connections that don't time out completely.
  • Fixes the instructions for setting up a cron job, injecting a "/" character that was missing.
  • Removes the Content-length and Connection request headers from AJAX calls so that warning messages are no longer displayed by some browsers in the JavaScript console. These headers were not necessary, and were ignored by some browsers anyway.

To upgrade from version 2.13.4:

  1. Upload the following files, overwriting the old files:
    • carp
      • carp.php
      • carpinc.php
    • conf.php
    • configure.php
    • default-conf.php
    • js.php
    • poll.php
    • publishing-plugins/twitter/
      • twitter-js.php
      • twitter.php
    • update.php
  2. Load Blog Riffer in your web browser.
  3. Click the button to update your database.