Amazon recently discontinued support for the affiliate API version that was being used by CaRP's Amazon affiliate example code, CaRP/WP and Affiliate Afterburner. I've released updates to all three. (The only modifications that were required were changing a date string in a few places -- functionality was completely unaffected.)

CaRP's Example Code

You can download the latest code from CaRP's Amazon affiliate example page. To upgrade, upload the new XSL stylesheet, copy your configuration settings from the top of your old Amazon2RSS-2.0.php into the new file, and upload it. (Take care not to change the API version string in the new file -- it should be "2011-08-01".)


You can download the latest version of CaRP/WP here. The simplest way to upgrade will be to simply upload all the new files, overwriting the old ones.

Affiliate Afterburner/WP

Buyers can download the latest version here. To upgrade:

  1. Upload the following files:
    • affiliate-afterburner-wp.php
    • inc/default.php
    • stylesheets/Amazon2RSS-2.0-2011-08-01.xsl
  2. In the control panel in WordPress, find the Amazon XSL section, change the API version to "2011-08-01" and save your settings.
  3. Delete stylesheets/Amazon2RSS-2.0-2009-06-01.xsl -- it is no longer used

The following files in the "carp" folder have also been updated, but the changes don't affect Affiliate Afterburner. You can upgrade them if you wish:

  • carp.php
  • carpinc.php
  • plugins/podcast.php