has removed XSL support from their affiliates API, requiring some changes to how CaRP Evolution displays Amazon affiliate feeds. New versions of CaRP/WP, Affiliate Afterburner, and the CaRP Amazon example code are now available.

I've tried to make the transition as painless as possible, but a few adjustments to your code may be needed in addition to simply updating the files you got from Gecko Tribe.

I personally am not entirely thrilled by the ads that can be displayed using Amazon's RSS feeds. But you can still use Grouper Evolution to convert their affiliate XML feeds to RSS, and display them using CaRP, which gives you more control over the formatting.

To Upgrade CaRP/WP:

  1. Follow the link above to download the new version, and unzip it.
  2. Upload "carp-wp.php" and "inc/admin.php", overwriting the old files.
  3. Delete the other files -- they aren't used anymore.
  4. Check the README for an example of how to display Amazon ads -- depending on how you were using it, you may need to make some updates to make the product images "float".

To upgrade Affiliate Afterburner:

  1. Download the latest version here.
  2. Upload the following files, overwriting the old ones:
    • affiliate-afterburner-wp.php
    • carp
      • carp.php
      • carpinc.php
    • inc
      • admin.php
      • default.php
  3. Delete "programs/amazon_xsl.php" and "stylesheets/Amazon2RSS-2.0-2011-08-01.xsl". They are not used anymore.

Affiliate Afterburner will automatically replace any ads that had been shown using the "amazon_xsl" program with the "amazon" program. For more control over the formatting, you may wish to switch those to the "amazon_grouper" program.

To Upgrade the Amazon Example Code

  1. Follow the link above to download the new version, and unzip it.
  2. Follow the instructions on the page linked to above.