After a lot of hard work, crunch time is over at last, and the new version of Affiliate Afterburner (which is now a WordPress plugin) is ready for prime time (whew!)

Affiliate Afterburner/WP makes it easy to monetize your blog by adding affiliate ads from, eBay,, and AdSense to your posts or sidebars. I'll be adding more affiliate programs in the near future in free upgrades (I'm looking at ClickBank and several other large networks.) (Update: ClickBank support has been added.)

Affiliate Afterburner/WP supports 12 industry-standard ad sizes, or you can use it to display free-form ad blocks that fit into whatever space you put them in.

Here's an example of a "large rectangle" ad with Amazon search results for the keyword "blogging":

It can also display dynamically updating content from RSS feeds, including podcasts and YouTube search results.

The installation process has been hugely simplified (with changes that are going to trickle into some of my other products that use CaRP Evolution and Grouper Evolution on that backend) -- just upload the files, click to activate the plugin, and click a button to set up the database tables. Then enter your affiliate IDs in the control panel.

Insert ads anywhere you wish in your blog with a few lines of code. For example, the ad above was displayed using this code:


Introductory Sale Offer

Until noon, US Central time next Tuesday, October 11, save 27% off the regular price, and get Affiliate Afterburner/WP for only $49. (If you purchased Affiliate Afterburner version 1, get a special upgrade price here till October 14.)

For more information, visit the Affiliate Afterburner website.