Blog Riffer version 2.12 is ready for download. Along with this update, we're rebooting our Critical Mass Blogging Teams.

First, a little about our Blogging Teams

If you have a great blog, but haven't quite gotten the traffic you want, you're not alone. A lot of great blogs don't get the attention they deserve, because the internet is a crowded place, and it's not easy for your audience to find you.

If you'd like to have up to 57 other bloggers helping your blog grow by giving you 100% natural, in-content links from related sites, sharing your content, and posting comments on your blog, our blogging teams are for you.

And they're 100% free to join.

As I said, we're rebooting our Blogging Teams as part of the overhaul of our community site. You don't have to have Blog Riffer to join a blogging team, but it makes participating a lot quicker and easier, because it's designed to help you do exactly the kinds of things blogging team members do.

What's in the Blog Riffer 2.12 Update

My main goal for this update was to get it working with Blogger again. A while back, they turned off support for the API version that was in use when Blog Riffer first got Blogger support. So it needed a major rewrite, and this is it.

Some of the many other changes include:

  • More efficient and faster feed polling using the latest version of CaRP Evolution.
  • Better handling of feeds that don't specify an author.
  • Enabled editing of feed notes in the feed editing form.
  • Displays usernames with blog names in various places, in case you've configured BlogRiffer to post to the same blog under multiple usernames.
  • Proactively frees up memory rather than waiting for your browser to do "garbage collection".
  • Fixed a bug in the code that cleans up stuck cron jobs.
  • Added correct support for 303 redirects and relative redirects.
  • Improved the Twitter plugin's URL recognition, and updated its link length calculation.
  • Updated the URLs for the Twitter and Tumblr posting gateways so that they no longer use our old secure server that had a self-signed SSL certificate.
  • Updated the YouTube plugin to work more easily with Grouper Evolution's YouTube to RSS conversion script.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error to be displayed by the unshortener plugin on some PHP versions.

How to Upgrade

There are enough changed files in this update that, rather than list all of the changed files individually, it will be easiest to simply upload all the files, overwriting the old files.

Then, the next time you load Blog Riffer, you'll be asked to click a button update your database. Once you click the button, all the necessary changes will be made.

If you had been using Blog Riffer to publish to Blogger, you will need to reconfigure any Blogger blogs, since the new API requires completely different data than the old one did.