The other day I came up with a funny idea -- rather than trying to convince customers to buy my products instead of the competition, why not promote the competition's products, giving my products to customers who buy through my affiliate link! That way, the customer doesn't have to decide between my product and the competition.

I'll still get the customer on my mailing list (assuming they sign up for free updates), so I'll have opportunities to make additional sales to them, and I'll be using my download page to promote related products (I'll be delivering my products using the Instant Affiliate Accelerator Bonus Delivery System).

It may work, and it may not. But I set up deals for two of my products:

Exit popup scripts: Get ExPop free with purchase of Exit Splash. Check out the deal here.

RSS to HTML converters: Get CaRP Evolution free with purchase of RSS Content Builder. Check out the deal here.