I just created a new WordPress plugin that displays you latest Twitter posts in a WordPress sidebar widget. Twidget/WP is a free download, but it requires CaRP Evolution. So you can drive customers to the CaRP sales page though the Twidget/WP download page.

You can get your affiliate link for it on the CaRP affiliate links page, or just use Twidget/WP. There’s a place in the configuration panel to enter your affiliate number. Your affiliate link will be displayed at the bottom of the widget.

I’d personally recommend promoting it by using it for two reasons:

  1. Using it creates “social proof” — you’re using it, so maybe the customer should too.
  2. If you’re not telling them it’s a free download, they can’t complain that you said it was free, but it requires them to purchase a product!

Download Twidget/WP here