Over the last week, I’ve made several major enhancements to SEO Content Factory, making it more user-friendly, enabling it to publish to a wider variety of social sites, and more. With these changes, it’s ready to be promoted to less technical users and those who are heavier into social networking.

Here are the highlights:

  • Scheduled tweets: schedule tweets in advance to be posted to unlimited Twitter accounts (3 accounts at a time). There are limits to how fast tweets can go out, but you can schedule as many as you wish as far in advance as you wish.
  • Sharing via Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn: sharing buttons for all three services appear at the top of the content area. All three allow you to add comments when sharing, which is especially important for visibility when sharing on Facebook. You can also use these to see how many times each item has been shared via all three services, all from within SEO Content Factory.
  • Lower-priced version: with the addition of the sharing buttons, I’ve created a lower-price option that supports sharing (including Twitter), but not blogging. Users can purchase blogging and other plugins separately if they wish to upgrade in the future.
  • Visual editor: past versions of SEO Content Factory have required users to hand-code any HTML needed for their blog posts (other than line and paragraph breaks). This version includes a visual editor (which can be disabled for anyone…like me!…who prefers). As with previous versions, you can select content from the items you’re reading, click the blogging button, and have it automatically quoted and formatted for you, ready to edit and republish.

If you didn’t feel SEO Content Factory was ready to promote to your audience in the past, now would be a good time to give it another look.

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