You now have the option of promoting CaRP Evolution through ClickBank (publisher ID “geckotribe“) or through this affiliate program. CaRP should show up in the ClickBank marketplace tomorrow [Update 6/26/07: it’s there]. There are advantages to each affiliate program.


* Commission percentage is 25% even if you only make one sale in a month–however, that is 25% of $26.72 ($29.97 minus ClickBank’s fees). Unless you’re making sales of more than $500/month, the ClickBank commission amount is higher.

* If you rarely make sales with GeckoTribe, but regularly make sales with ClickBank, you’ll get your payouts sooner because you won’t have to wait to exceed our payout threshold.

* ClickBank accepts more forms of payment than just PayPal, so more customer will be able to buy through ClickBank.

The Gecko Tribe affiliate program:

* You can earn commissions on back end sales of Grouper and Tetra — neither of those is currently sold through ClickBank, and when they are, I may use a different publisher ID (since ClickBank only lets you have one landing page per publisher ID).

* Currently, only single webmaster licenses are available through ClickBank. Once they increase my price limit, I’ll add the other license types. (Most buyers buy a single webmaster license, so you wouldn’t lose many commissions because of this by using the ClickBank link…but if you did, they’d be the biggest ones!)