For a long time, I’ve offered Fast JV as a free bonus to anyone who purchased Keyword Elite through my affiliate link. Now, similar to the offer I announced recently for getting CaRP Evolution free, you can promote my bonus offer and get a share of my commission on Keyword Elite (which is just under […]

Here’s a brand new way for you to promote CaRP (which I’ll apply to other products later — I’m just starting with my flagship) — drive traffic to my offer giving CaRP Evolution for free with a qualified ClickBank purchase.

The offer itself isn’t terribly unusual — if a customer buys a ClickBank product through […]

When referring customers to an affiliate product, one way to increase conversions is to “pre-sell”. Essentially what that means is that rather than simply linking to the product, you do something to get the customer ready to buy and THEN send them to the product page.

I’ve created a new tool for you that actually […]

I’ve just posted a “box image” for CaRP Evolution on the page where you get your CaRP affiliate links. The image is available in 3 sizes. Feel free to copy the images to your webserver and display them with your promotional materials.

Images for other products will be added in the future.

Retroactive back to the beginning of this month, commission rates have increased as follows:

For sales less than $100 in the month: was 25%, now 30%

For sales at least $100 but less than $500 in the month: was 30%, now 40%

For sales of at least $500 in the month: was 35%, now 50% […]

I’m trying a little experiment, and it MAY end at the end of this month. At least till then, you’ll be able to create your OWN coupon codes for most Gecko Tribe products. And here’s the crazy part — you get to set the price!

Okay, I’m not completely insane — the maximum discount you […]

Before I get started, let me point out that your old affiliate links will continue to work. However, since the new affiliate link format looks less like and affiliate link and can be customized, you may wish to switch.

For example, an old affiliate link for CaRP looked like this:

The new one looks […]

The winner of the July affiliate contest is Andrew Williams. Congratulations Andrew, you commission percentage for July has been increased by 15%! Good luck with this month’s contest everyone!

I’ve got a new product for you to promote, but don’t wait too long! It’s a limited edition CD (only 93 left) containing a bunch of my products. Buyers of the CD will also get a bunch of bonus downloads, and special discount offers for a bunch of upgrades. Plus, 25 fast-movers will have the […]

If you’re ready to go beyond just being an affiliate, check out this page I’ve created describing the kinds of business partnerships I’m looking for an how to get involved:

Partner With Antone Roundy

It’d be interesting to see what other people would put on such a page on their website…

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