I’ve got a new product on sale and ready to promote. ExPop is an “exit hover ad” generator. Unlike those annoying exit popup windows that everyone hates and most modern web browsers block (but people keep trying to use them because when they don’t get blocked, they work so well), ExPop displays “hover” ads within […]

Good news: my brother-in-law and his mechanic friend back home found an engine for us and a person to tow the van back home cheap where the mechanic will do the repairs. It will still cost a couple thousand dollars, but what a relief to know we’re not going to have to just junk it! […]

I’ve got a new coupon code that you can offer your customers who might be interested in CaRP…but first the story behind the “Roadside Assistance Sale”…

Yesterday, we packed up our van and left Nebraska for Bear Lake (on the Utah-Idaho border) for a family reunion. Just before reaching Cheyenne Wyoming, we heard a “thunk” […]

I’ve just updated my checkout system so that I’ll be able to set up coupon codes for you to use to promote Gecko Tribe products, and the first coupon code will be for a 25% off sale on CaRP.

My wife and I just bought a home, and while we’ve got furniture for the living […]

You now have the option of promoting CaRP Evolution through ClickBank (publisher ID “geckotribe“) or through this affiliate program. CaRP should show up in the ClickBank marketplace tomorrow [Update 6/26/07: it’s there]. There are advantages to each affiliate program.


* Commission percentage is 25% even if you only make one sale in a month–however, […]

Affiliates, here’s a chance to promote a brand new product which I expect will be Gecko Tribe’s most successful ever. It’s called “Fast JV“, and it’s a tool that makes it extremely easy for ClickBank affiliates to set up special bonus promo packages for other people’s products without having to go through all the schmoozing […]

We’ve just replaced our old checkout system with one which should increase sales. With the old system, the customer would put a product in their cart, at which time, we might offer them a discount on a related product or mention a full-price related product, hoping that they’d buy multiple products at the same time […]

I’ve temporarily gotten out of the business of doing paid CaRP installations in order to make time for product and business development. Because some users need installation services, I created a list of CaRP installation service providers yesterday (no one is listed yet). If you have the expertise to install and configure CaRP on bot […]

I just finished up a new page for promoting CaRP (you’ll find an affiliate link for it near the top of the text link creation page). It’s a signup page for a 7 day email mini-course titled 7 ways to turn RSS into R$$. Downloading CaRP Free now requires registering for the mini-course, whether you […]

We’ve revamped the page the compares features between CaRP Free, CaRP Koi and CaRP Evolution, and we think it does a pretty compelling job of showing why CaRP Koi and Evolution are well worth the cost. Those of you whose users don’t need to have RSS explained to them, or who have already “sold” them […]

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