I just finished up a product that’s been on my mind for several years: SEO Content Factory. It’s a bundle of my CaRP-powered RSS feed reader, Lobster, with several plugins that turn it into an integrated blogging and Tweeting tool.

Integrating feed reading with blogging and tweeting minimizes the friction between ideas and publishing, making it easier to keep your blogs active. I’ve used the tweeting tool for several months to increase my Twitter output. Now with the addition of support for the Atom Publishing Protocol, it will boost blogging output too.

You have two affiliate links for SEO Content Factory: one to the sales page, and one to a free PDF eBook (direct download link with no opt-in required). You’ll find them both here.

The PDF eBook is about how to run an SEO Content Factory. John Reese, in his famous Traffic Secrets course, talked about one kind of Content Factory, centered on outsourcing content creation. The eBook discusses this and two other Content Factory models, and of course, promotes the one that SEO Content Factory is most useful for.

You’ll also find an affiliate link to the Lobster sales page here.