Affiliates, here’s a chance to promote a brand new product which I expect will be Gecko Tribe’s most successful ever. It’s called “Fast JV“, and it’s a tool that makes it extremely easy for ClickBank affiliates to set up special bonus promo packages for other people’s products without having to go through all the schmoozing and networking that’s usually required to set up a “Joint Venture”.

I’m initially selling it through my own site (and thus this affiliate program) rather than through ClickBank, because, since I haven’t sold anything through them before, they won’t approve a product for me with a price over $50 — way too little for Fast JV! Once I have a track record established with them for some other product, I plan to switch Fast JV over to ClickBank, so be sure that you’re a ClickBank affiliate and are ready to change your links when that happens. But for now, take advantage of the opportunity to promote a product before everyone has had it pitched to them by others.

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