I’ve got a new product on sale and ready to promote. ExPop is an “exit hover ad” generator. Unlike those annoying exit popup windows that everyone hates and most modern web browsers block (but people keep trying to use them because when they don’t get blocked, they work so well), ExPop displays “hover” ads within your webpage when it detects that a visitor is about to click their browser’s back button to leave your site (which 3/4 or more of all visitors to many sites do withing 10 seconds of arriving).

One suggestion for how to promote this tool:

1) Use it

2) In your exit hover ads, include an affiliate link to ExPop saying something like “Make Exit Ads Like This”.

3) Be sure to put ‘target=”_blank”‘ in your affiliate link tag so that when it’s clicked, it will open the ExPop homepage in a new window. That way, when someone clicks the ExPop link, your webpage will still be there showing your main ad when they get done at the ExPop page.