We’ve made some improvements to our marketing of CaRP and Grouper which should increase your opportunities to earn commissions from your referrals. The latest, launched just today, is these free bonuses for purchasers of CaRP Koi, CaRP Evolution and Grouper Evolution:

1. The Great Big Book of Internet Marketing – free with CaRP Koi or Evolution or Grouper Evolution – a 261 page PDF eBook full of articles by many top internet marketing experts.

2. Podcasting for Fun & Profit – free with CaRP Koi or Evolution – 83 page PDF eBook about how to create podcasts, where to host them, and how to make money doing it.

3. Podcast Teleprompter – free with CaRP Evolution only – a Windows-based teleprompter to help you pace your podcasts and keep them smooth.

The other recent change that appears to have made a big difference is in the README files that come with the free versions of CaRP and Grouper (with the CaRP README the most improved). Rather than just listing the advantages of the commercial versions of CaRP down the right-hand column in the README, we now have an entire section of the README devoted to showing a side-by-side comparison of what each version is capable of displaying.

Ultimately, whether it’s this change to the README that has made our sales skyrocket this month or something else, the probability of someone you’ve referred making a purchase is definitely up. And remember, even if the people you refer download the free version when they first visit our site, if the come back and make a purchase within a week, you’ll still get the commission.