I’m trying a little experiment, and it MAY end at the end of this month. At least till then, you’ll be able to create your OWN coupon codes for most Gecko Tribe products. And here’s the crazy part — you get to set the price!

Okay, I’m not completely insane — the maximum discount you can offer is 25%, and of course, some of it will come out of your commissions (but not all — your commission PERCENTAGE will remain the same).

When you create a coupon, you’ll select a product, set a price, and enter a coupon code. I recommend putting your name or company name in the coupon code to show that YOU are the source of the hot deal you’re offering.

You’ll get a special link containing your coupon code that the customer can use to BUY the product (it will send them to PayPal). So you’ll still need to use a regular link to link to the sales page if you want them to be able to read more about the product there before deciding whether to buy.

Although your affiliate ID number will NOT appear in the coupon link, my database keeps track of which affiliate created each coupon code, so the sales will get credited to you properly.

Just be sure to tell your customers to buy before the end of the month in case I decide to end the experiment then!