If you’d like to have a customized video made just for you to use to earn affiliate commissions for SEO Content Factory, I have an offer for you. I will make a customized video for any affiliate who refers just $25 in sales (or who already has within the past 30 days).

I just posted a video to YouTube demonstrating the new “Sharing” version of SEO Content Factory. What I’ll do for you is make a customized version in which, instead of using it to share one of my brother’s blog posts to Google+, I’ll share one of your blog posts, mentioning you and your blog by name. I’ll also add your affiliate link to the end of the video. And I’ll even host the video on my Amazon S3 account, so you won’t need to worry about it eating up your bandwidth.

For full details and to apply for your customized affiliate video, visit our new Offers for Affiliates page. Once your video is ready, I’ll email you the code you need to display the video on your website.

If you haven’t referred $25 in sales during the last 30 days, I’d suggest embedding my YouTube video on your site for now, with your affiliate link under it. As soon as you’ve made one sale, you’ll be able replace the YouTube video with your customized video.