The results are in, and the winner of the first monthly Gecko Tribe Affiliate Contest is … drum roll please! … Shawn Collins, one of the organizers of the Affiliate Summit conference that brought, if I remember the number correctly, over 2700 people to Las Vegas last week!

Want some affiliate marketing tips from Shawn? Check out his Affiliate Tip website. And while you’re there (or at the Affiliate Summit site), see if you can spot the places where he’s using CaRP to display his own blog newsfeeds on his homepages.

One important reminder: if you’re thinking, “why bother trying to win the contest when I have to compete with Shawn Collins”, remember, if he wins again any time in the next six months, I’ll pick a second winner who hasn’t won during the preceding six months.

And here’s a little insider information for you: there wasn’t another high-powered affiliate nipping at Shawn’s heels for second place — that spot (and extra commissions) are entirely within your reach.

Congratulations Shawn, and thank you to everyone who promoted last month. Stay tuned for information about the release of CaRP 4.0 sometime within about the next week. This will be a good month to be promoting CaRP.