I’ve just updated my checkout system so that I’ll be able to set up coupon codes for you to use to promote Gecko Tribe products, and the first coupon code will be for a 25% off sale on CaRP.

My wife and I just bought a home, and while we’ve got furniture for the living room, the family room is empty, we had to buy a dishwasher, the garage door needs to be replaced, etc. So I’ve decided to have a house warming sale. From now until August 15, enter the coupon code “HouseWarming” on the CaRP sales page (remember to use your affiliate link to send people there!), and I’ll slash 25% off the price of a single webmaster license.

Affiliates, promoting products with a deal and a deadline will increase your conversions by motivating more of your prospects to check out the product and buy now while the discount price is available.

I’ll continue to post coupon codes for various products (and for various reasons) here over time.