We’ve just replaced our old checkout system with one which should increase sales. With the old system, the customer would put a product in their cart, at which time, we might offer them a discount on a related product or mention a full-price related product, hoping that they’d buy multiple products at the same time (which they did sometimes). Once they had everything they wanted in their cart, they’d click through to PayPal, make their payment, and hopefully get automatically sent to our download page (if they paid by credit card, they had to click through to get to the download page).

The new system has the following improvements:

1) When the user clicks the “buy” button on the product page, they’re immediately sent to PayPal (so there’s less chance that they’ll decide not to buy before completing their transaction).

2) When they’ve paid, even if they don’t get sent automatically to the download page, we email them the address of the download page–as an affiliate this doesn’t matter much to you, but it saves us a lot of trouble when people don’t make it to the download page!

3) On the download page, we show them limited-time discount offers for related products. The discounts are larger than our old discounts were, and the time limit (currently two hours from the first time they load the download page) should help prompt action. We will soon be releasing additional products that will be promoted “on the back end” to people who are, as evidenced by the fact that they’re at the download page, in the buying mood.

Note that we haven’t yet set up affiliate commission reporting for the new system, but rest assured, we have tested and verified that your commissions are getting recorded! We’ll get the reporting system updated soon.